Vivid Festival – Passenger Update

To all of our passengers:
As we embark on the Vivid Festival, 2017 is shaping up to be bigger and more popular than ever.
Please ensure that you arrive to King street Wharf at least 30 minutes prior to our scheduled departure time for check-in.
The Cargo Bar is a point of reference for those of you unfamiliar with Darling Harbour.
Bring your Order Confirmation Email with you for verification. Vouchers are not required.
Passengers are advised as the Vivid Festival is a “special event” the boat’s SMS (safety management system) and WH&S requirements state that prams are an obstacle for safety in taking up room not allowed for in the layout of the function and would cause less room for other people and the elderly (hazard).
Also that regarding any large items and bags(such as back packs) we have limited space, so large items such as prams and backpacks will not be permitted on board as they can be a tripping hazard and OH&S risk to other passengers and crew.
Please do not bring any prams or large items to the cruise as they will NOT be permitted on board.